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Founded in 2000, Apex Language and Career College (ALCC) has helped students from around the world succeed in learning English and getting into university, college or high school. ALCC is a fully accredited member of Languages Canada, a designated learning institution by Canadian Immigration (our DLI code is O19330669492) and an authorized user of the Imagine Education in Canada brand. ALCC is also an ETS-certified TOEFL test center. Our campus is conveniently located in downtown Halifax. With six universities and a student body of over 30,000, Halifax offers excellent opportunities for learning English and pursuing post-secondary education. We have the pleasure of meeting hundreds of international students and being part of their English learning journey in Canada.

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General ESL Program

The General English Program focuses on the language skills you need for everyday communication in English—whether you are using English at work, for social situations or to live and succeed in an English-speaking country. Our program has 3 levels that take students from a basic understanding of English sounds and words to the ability to understand and respond to a variety of real-life situations. The program lets students join a level on a weekly basis and integrate smoothly into the curriculum. Our program is interactive, focused on communication, and includes structured activities outside the classroom to give students confidence using English in authentic situations. After Level3, students can choose to join ALCC's other programs such as English for Academic Purposes or English for Professionals.

English for Academic Purposes Program

The English for Academic Purposes program (EAP) is designed primarily to prepare international students for studying in Canada at the post-secondary level by providing students with a sound basis for comprehending and reproducing the English language at an academic level. Successful completion of the EAP qualifies the student for part-time study at one of our partner universities while enrolled in our University Bridging Program (UBP). There are five levels and each level provides intensive instruction and ample opportunity for practical application of all four language skills, as well as the introduction of critical thinking skills. Each of the five levels consists of 8 weeks of instruction. If your goal is to improve your English language skills in preparation for study at a post-secondary English language institution, this program is for you.

University Bridging Program

The University Bridging Program (UBP) is designed to prepare students for post-secondary study at an English language institution. The UBP focuses on developing critical thinking, research, presentation and communication skills, as well as time management and test taking skills. Students in this program may study part-time at one of ALCC's partner institutions while attending the UBP. The program consists of 15 hours of advanced English instruction per week for 12 weeks, with an additional 13th week for final testing. The course is divided into 3 four-week modules and students may join the program at the beginning of any of the 3 modules. Graduates of the UBP are eligible for full-time study at any of our partner universities or colleges. If your goal is to study at a Canadian university or college, or other post-secondary English language institute, this program is for you.

Saint Mary's University

ALCC has an agreement with Saint Mary's University with respect to recognition of our University Bridging Program. Students enrolled in the UBP and who have met all other admission requirements to SMU, may enroll in 3 or 6 credit hours of university courses. Upon successful completion of the UBP, students will be deemed to have satisfied the English language proficiency requirements for full admission. No further language testing will be required.

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design university

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design recognizes the Academic Preparation Program offered by ALCC. A student who successfully completes ALCC’s University Bridging Program will not be required to submit the results of a test of English as a second language.

Acadia University

Acadia University will accept you into its academic bridging program, without further language testing, for students who have passed ALCC’s level 5 EAP program. Acadia University will also accept into its undergraduate and graduate program, without further language testing, students who have successfully completed ALCC's University Bridging Program. Students must meet all other academic requirements associated with the AU program in which they wish to enroll in order to be eligible.

Laurentian University

Laurentian University will accept into its undergraduate academic programs without further language testing, students who have successfully completed ALCC’s UBP program. Students must meet all other academic requirements associated with the Laurentian University program in which they wish to enroll in order to be eligible.

ALCC is licensed by the Province of Nova Scotia to provide language training classes. As such, it is bound by the rules and regulations established by the province of Nova Scotia which govern all long term study permit students in Nova Scotia. For more information, please follow the links below.