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Student Services

ALCC helps students successfully accomplish their academic goals and provides a foundation to overcome academic, social, and cultural barriers. Student Support Services program offers the following personalized (one-on-one) activities to our students:

University/College Placement Service

ALCC helps students find a university or program that best fits their interests and educational goals. Our partnership with top Canadian institutions allows students to enter the program of their choice without further language testing and receive a thorough preparation before their academic study. Please go to Our Partners page for the most up-to-date list of our partner universities.

See fee schedule

Home-stay Accommodation

ALCC maintains a pool of responsible, friendly and caring home-stay families for international students to choose from. Our home-stay families all have good educational backgrounds and are able to provide students with a safe and comfortable living and learning environment.

See fee schedule

Airport pick up

We offer our students a meet and greet service at the Halifax International Airport.

Please fill out the Service Application Form and confirm your arrival information at least one week in advance.

See fee schedule

Student Health Insurance

Comprehensive health insurance coverage gives our international students broad access to Canadian health services and peace of mind while studying overseas. If the student does not have health insurance of their own, it must be purchased through ALCC.

Fee Schedule


Program Fees Hours/week
General English Program (GEP) $325 /week 25 hours
English for Professionals Program (EFP) $200 /week 15 hours
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) $325 /week 25 hours
University Bridging Program (UBP) $3800 /course 15 hours
English Test Preparation Program(ETP) $325 /week 20 hours
Speak Up Program(SSP) $200 /week 15 hours
Private Tutorial $50 /hour varies
Semi-private tutorial $25 /hour varies
Corporate Training and other tailor Made Programs Please contact Please contact

Additional Fee

Registration and placement test $150onetime, non-refundable
Books and class materials for EAP $150 /8 weeks
Books and class materials for UBP $200 /course
Books and class materials for other programs $100 /program
Health insurance $2 /day
Homestay placement $200 one time, non-refundable
Homestay fee for Adults $800 /4 weeks
Homestay fee for Minors (18andunder) $850 /4 weeks
Airport pick up or drop off $80 / one way
University application fee (undergraduate) $200 onetime, non-refundable
Post-graduate studies application fee $900 one time, non-refundable