University Bridging Program (UBP)

If your dream is to study at university in Canada, but you do not meet the language requirements, we are here to help. Our UBP courses is a Bridging Program that allows our students to study at a large number of colleges and universities throughout North America.

UBP Classes

Our UBP students spend 12-weeks learning the core skills they need to prosper in the Canadian higher-education system. This intensive course will make sure our students are ready to take the next step in their journey to higher-education in Canada and the US.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Our English for Academic Purpose program introduces students to the skills they will need for higher education in Canada. This is the perfect introduction to the skills students will eventually need at university or college.

Curriculum & Skills

Our curriculum is designed to provide you with the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills you will need to succeed at university in Canada. With nearly 20-years of experience, we are confident we can give you the tools required to develop your abilities.


Our qualified instructors come from a wide variety of cultures and teaching backgrounds. All have experience teaching abroad and understand the needs of international students. Our teachers strive to educate our students in a warm and empathetic manner, ensuring they get the education that they deserve.

Foundations Program

Our General English Program help you to build your language foundation and develop your communication skills with real life situations.


  • New useful themes introduced every week
  • Develops listening and speaking skills
  • Students learn English to use in the real world
  • Helps students establish and maintain direct conversation
  • Focuses on useful vocabulary and expressions
  • Improves communication and comprehension ability
  • Builds reading and writing skills
  • Ideal for parents with school-aged children

ALCC Level Reference Form

LevelAcademic IELTSLength to University/College
EAP level 1below 3.052 weeks
EAP level 23.544 weeks
EAP level 3 4.036 weeks
EAP level 4 4.528 weeks
EAP level 5 5.020 weeks
UBP 5.512 weeks
Note: Student can be determined their starting level by taking a placement test without IELTS (Except UBP)
Students with a 5.5 IELTS, a 61 TOEFL or better, will be considered for direct entry into UBP.